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Analog Joystick

by shedboy71

This example shows how to connect a joystick to your St Nucleo. This could be used for games or perhaps navigating through a menu for example Here is a picture of the joystick I am using, this is commonly found for sale on many sites. Usually part of a sensor kit, links at the bottom




Here is the pinout and where I connected it to on my ST Nucleo board, the pinout is underneath


Pin Number Label Signal Arduino Connection
1 GND Ground
2 +5V 5V
3 VRx Voltage proportional to X position Connected to analogue pin 0
4 VRy Voltage proportional to Y position Connected to analogue pin 1
5 SW Joystick pushbutton Connected to Digital pin 7


Here is the STM32 nucleo pinout

nucleo pins

nucleo pins



Nothing fancy in this example, we will simply output the values from the X and Y pins. Typically you would read these values and them perform actions based on the various positions such as left, right and up and down. A later update will show this.

This requires the https://developer.mbed.org/users/happinesstaker/notebook/sparkfun-analog-joystick/ to be imported into your project

[codesyntax lang=”cpp”]

#include "mbed.h"
#include "SparkfunAnalogJoystick.h"

SparkfunAnalogJoystick joysttick(A0, A1, D7);

// Test program for the library
// It would output all data about the joystick
// It would also draw a compass to indicate the joystick status on the LCD display
int main() {

    while(1) {
        printf("X-Axis: %f\n\r", joysttick.xAxis());
        printf("Y-Axis: %f\n\r", joysttick.yAxis());
        printf("Button: %d\n\r\n", joysttick.button());

Arduino joystick at Amazon UK

Arduino joystick at Amazon


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